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2008 Earth Craft 'Regional Builder of the Year' and Earth Craft's House Profile of the Month
The "Regional Builder of the Year' award is presented annually at the Builders Breakfast to recognize the success of the Earth Craft program and to celebrate the exceptional work of the program participants and sponsors. Morgan Park Place East, Tennessee's first multi-family unit, Earth Craft Certified House, was chosen as the Profile of the Month. Awards are given in numerous categories encompassing all aspects of the program.

View the 2008 Earth Craft Award Recipients and House Profile of the Month

2007 USGBC Green Star Award
The Green Star Award is presented each year to an individual, company or project that has
represented the Mission of the US Green Building Council Middle Tennessee Chapter and
has served to promote the principles of sustainable design and construction.

View the 2007 Green Star Award Recipients

Visit the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the USGBC

2007 Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award for Building Green
In 2007, Lawrence Bros., LLC, along with partners, Werthan-Zeitlen, were the first and only builder in the state of Tennessee to be awarded the Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award for their commitment to excellence in sustainable building practices.

2007 Governor's Environmental Stewardship Awards

Nashville Business Journals - May 24, 2007
outisde.in - May 30, 2007
Southeast Water Forum
Media Release - May 8, 2007

Earth Craft Certification
Morgan Park Place East was the first multi-unit residential structure in the State of Tennessee to receive the coveted Earth Craft Certification for excellence and quality in environmentally responsible building practices.

Learn more about what it takes to become Earth Craft certified...

Click here to view The Eco-Gallery featuring Morgan Park Place, a multi-unit, Earth Craft Certified development.

2006 Tributarian Award
Lawrence Brothers was honored for its' committment to the protection of the Cumberland River Watershed.

Find out more at www.cumberlandrivercompact.org

Q. What is a Watershed?
A. A watershed is the land area that drains into a stream. An area of land that contributes runoff to one specific delivery point; large watersheds may be composed of several smaller “subsheds,” each of which contributes runoff to different locations that ultimately combine at a common delivery point.

2007 Nashville Chamber of Commerce Beautification Award for Morgan Park Place East
This award is given to developments that beautify and improve the quality of life in Metro Davidson County


2005 and 2007 Annual Preservation Award by the Metroplitan Historic Commission: Category-Urban Fill (new structures located within a context of historic architecture).

Architectural merit and/or historical interest
Sensitivity to architectural history
Creativity in adaptation for contemporary use
Soundness of condition
Adherence to the Secretary of the Interior’s
Interiors EXCEPT for residential properties





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